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Epic saves Big Huge Games

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Kingdoms of Amular

One of the biggest talking points in the video game industry in America over the last few weeks was the financial implosion of the Kingdoms of Amalur developer mainly because it involved sportsmen, videogames and political befuddling.

However the end result is that a highly skilled development team which created a very well received title has been sacked and are currently struggling to make ends meet.

But now thanks to their dedication and ongoing belief in their team there is a light at the end of the tunnel, granted it may be attached to chainsaw and a locust but it’s a light at least.

According to Epic president ,what an awesome title.. Hi I’m Mike Capps and I’m an Epic President… anyway where was I.

KingdomsAmularSexyOh yes, according to Mike Capps, the president of Epic Games, they are currently in discussions with the team of Big Huge Games and that they will be starting a brand new, wholly owned development studio under Epic, in BHG’s current city of Baltimore.

Apparently the team at BHG approached Epic to try and get permission to work on one of their IP’s but after some brief investigation it became apparent that they didn’t have the financial ability to get a demo out never mind an entire game and that is when Epic made the offer to hire as many of their developers as possible to start a new studio.

They are a long way off actually starting development just yet but the obvious play would be to speak to the state of Rhode Island to see if they can get the IP back for Kingdoms of Amalur and to make a sequel.

I’m sure the state would be only too happy to get rid of a video game IP it has accidently ended up with after loaning too much money to the previous developers and finding itself in the middle of a public funding fiasco.

Big up to Epic for being a knight in shining armour and let’s hope with Epic financial acumen and BHG’s undoubted talent that something great can come out of this.

Last Updated: June 4, 2012

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