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Fez is buggy – but it’s getting patched.

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Fez, the wonderful perspective-shifting puzzle platformer from outspoken and controversial indie developer Phil Fish’s Polytron is fezzing amazing. Winner of Best In show at last year’s Indicade and the Grand Prize winner at this year’s Independent Games Festival, Fez is racking up incredible review scores just about everywhere. And while reviewers were happy to tell readers of the amazing times they’d experience playing the game, pretty much nobody said anything about the game’s bugs – some of which are rather serious and game-breaking.

Developer Polytron has vowed to sort it all out though – so it’s most certainly still worth your 800 MS Points.

"Fez had more testing done in the past 24 hours by about TWENTY THOUSAND PEOPLE (!!) than it had in five years. So, as it happens, bugs popped up. Some pretty serious," says lead programmer Renaud Bédard on Polytron’s website.

Some people have complained about being unable to progress in the game, with others saying that the longer they play, the more stutter-filled the game becomes ( So it’s not just Skyrim, then!). Apparently, some older Xbox 360’s (those with smaller harddrives, or none at all) are unable  to start the game at all. Others still have complained of corrupted save games, and crashes.

Bédard said Polytron will, at some point, issue a patch to fix these problems. "It makes sense to issue a patch, but we don’t currently have an ETA on it," he added. should you encounter an issues yourself, Bédard recommends firing off an e-mail to support@fezgame.com.

"Lots of these problems have simple workarounds, so we can help you out, and email is easier than tweets," said Bédard. "Sorry, and thanks for understanding!" he concluded.

Any of you playing it? You really should be – it’s quite something.

Fez is available right now on Xbox Live Arcade for 800 MS points, with a Windows version coming later. Polytron has said that a PSN version “makes sense” but there’s no word it’ll actually be headed for Sony’s platform.

Last Updated: April 16, 2012

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