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FFD: What would be your perfect game?

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Okay so it’s Friday and we’re looking for ways to waste time instead of working and that brings us directly to our regular Flamebait Friday Debate which is our weekly discussion on all things gaming related.

There has been a lot said about how the industry is lacking innovation and that all games are following the same tried and trusted formulas so now the onus is on you.

If you had all the budget and talent in the world what game would you create, what would make it the perfect game.

I personally am horribly addicted to first person shooters and really miss the age old adventure games. I’m also horrified that our industry still avoids any sexual content in games so my perfect game would have the shooting mechanics of Call of Duty but the shooter sections would only come at certain parts in the adventure.

So you’d be a soldier working your way through the middle east trying to find a terrorist. You’d have to investigate scenes, find clues and travel through a huge open world trying to capture him. At moments you’d need to storm buildings and areas and this is when it would switch to a Call of Duty styled game entirely.

You’d also find love interests along the way and then be caught in situations where you’d either need to protect your family or catch the enemy.

It would rock… I think

Last Updated: March 9, 2012

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