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FIFA 13 Gallery–Gamescom 2012

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As an apology for allowing Darryn to write a sporting post, never mind one about the glorious sport of football, yesterday please do accept these brand spanking new shots as a token of my apology.

Granted they are obviously not screenshots but if like me you are a massive football fan then you are going to find something interesting in at least one of them.

It’s just a pity Messi isn’t wearing a Liverpool shirt but I guess photoshop can only do so much

FIFA13_NG_Messi_running_pose_WM FIFA13_PC_Antonini_clean_tackle_WMFIFA13_PC_Chamberlain_jostling_pass_WM FIFA13_PC_Messi_BOP3_WMFIFA13_PC_Terry_tackle_on_Walcott_WM FIFA13_PS3_Antonini_defensive_header_WMFIFA13_PS3_Hart_punching_save_EMBARGOED_UntilAUG14th_WM FIFA13_PS3_Hummels_pass_through_WMFIFA13_PS3_Messi_BOP2_WM FIFA13_X360_Abbiati_hand_save_WMFIFA13_X360_Kuba_pass_into_space_WM FIFA13_X360_Messi_BOP1_WM FIFA13_X360_Messi_frontal_run_WM FIFA13_X360_Walker_header_gameplay_WM

and as a complete random freebie, check out our FIFA 12 header from last year. Do you think we’ve done better this year?


Last Updated: August 15, 2012

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