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Flame on! Here’s how the Pyromancer controls the battlefield in Outriders

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Outriders Pyromancer (4)

You look at any RPG that has a selection of character classes from which to choose from, and something is clearly missing: A class devoted to fire. Fire is awesome, fire is built the world and the stuff is plenty useful when you have a gripe with your workplace that can’t be settled by the human resources department. That’s a joke, please for the love of all things holy don’t set your office on fire unless you’re demoing new flame-retardant suits for a Hollywood film.

Anyway, this is basically me when it comes to flames:

I’m busy shouting that mantra with pure glee, as People Can Fly’s next game finally gives the most primal element a chance to shine in Outriders with a class-type dedicated to setting all the things on fire. Called the Pyromancer, this class sets itself apart from the Devastator and Trickster by not only unleashing blisteringly hot flames but can also manipulate that element to set up barriers and traps.

“So the Pyromancer is basically a fire mage – a powerful fighter who controls heat,” Outriders Game Director  Bartek Kmita explained on the Square Enix blog.

This class plays really well at mid-range, though by selecting and equipping the correct skills and upgrades, you can tailor it to be quite effective at close range instead. Regardless of your play style, Pyromancers are effects specialists – they can incapacitate a lot of enemies all at once, as well as mark them with skills to drain their health – and increase yours.

It’s a good choice for anyone who likes to deal with multiple people at once. The more enemies you fight, the better it is for you – so it’s a great class to choose if you want to be able to deal effectively with big crowds!

What skillset does the Pyromancer bring to the party? Heavy firepower you could say. Here’s a description on three of them:

Outriders Pyromancer (1) (2)

Thermal Bomb

This spectacular skill homes in on an adversary and sets them ablaze. What’s more, if you kill them while they’re on fire, they’ll explode and damage everything around them. It’s perfect for dealing with enemies grouped together – you can essentially turn your attackers into living weapons!

Ash Blast

Covers all enemies around your character in ash, immobilising them for a short time. This is fantastic if you need to give yourself a little breathing room when surrounded by angry people with guns. They’re sitting ducks too, so if you or another player immediately follows up with a powerful attack, there’s nothing your hapless foes will be able to do about it.


Launch a wall of flame ahead of you, incinerating any enemy that’s unfortunate enough to be in the way. It causes a satisfying amount of damage, and even sets them on fire too.

As for actual use in combat, the Outrider sounds better suited towards controlling trash mobs, as Pyromancers can launch their flames over cover to burn their foes. From the long to mid-range, they’re adept at taking control of the battlefield and cornering foes with their skills, but they’re vulnerable to close-range combat enemies who can charge through to close the gap. You can tinker with the class to address that disadvantage, provided that you’re willing to make a few compromises on your character build.

Outriders Pyromancer (2)

Sounds like a hot class-type to handle!

Last Updated: April 2, 2020

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