Gamer gets mocked on Highveld, still funny

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DarrenSimpsonFor those that don’t know Darren Simpson is a DJ on Highveld stereo, a local radio station in Gauteng, and one of his ‘things’ is that every morning he plays a prank call that he has personally done. Sometimes they are great while at other times they are mind numbingly bad but this one in particular strikes a note because it was about gaming.

Daniel Oosthuizen is a 29 year old gamer who’s girlfriend thought it would be funny to get Darren to call him and up and give him some hell about his gaming habits, so Darren pretended he was from Telkom and gave him a call asking why he’s using so much bandwidth as he had just downloaded Guild Wars 2.

You can hear the whole thing here and it’s well worth a listen as not only does Daniel get himself pretty worked up but even more hilarious is the fact that the radio hosts themselves show a stunning lack of knowledge when it comes to technology and gaming in general.

Some may be offended by it but I don’t think any malice was meant and it’s an interesting view into the world of the complete non-gamer.

The two radio hosts you hear talking are Darren Simpson(@whackheads) and Sam Cowen (@samcowen), you know just in case you want to let them know some more information about gaming and the gaming community in South Africa

Last Updated: August 30, 2012

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