Gamescom 2012: Imagineer some weapons in Dead Space 3!

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It’s official: Dead Space 3 will allow you to craft weapons. Confirmed by EA during their press conference this week, it seems that while the game may be light on scares, it will most certainly be heavy on some MacGuyvering action. And you can catch that DIY weaponeering, after the jump in a handy video.

The idea is simple, and has been teased in previous Dead Space games already, with the work bench and upgrade nodes. Grab some raw materials, make some tools and get cracking, and voila, you have something far more suited to taking on Necromorphs! The catch here though, is that EA wants the community to come up with some original ideas, and to promote the game, they’re holding a contest by the name of Tools of Terror.

You can head on over to to take part in it, and the winning submission will see itself, and its creator, drafted into Dead Space 3, digitally. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go finish this spider-launcher rifle with an infrared scope attached to it.

You can’t hide forever Geoff…

Last Updated: August 17, 2012

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