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Guess who’s gaming with Lazygamer and G3AR?

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Like, us and the guys from G3AR, we’re like TOTALLY BFF’S. OMG, BESTIES FOREVS! We’ve hooked up with the FABULOUS people at EA to give one of you a copy of the AMAZEBALLS Mass Effect 3 for Xbox 360, so that you can join us all online for some multiplayer mayhem. We’ve, like, picked our winner and that dude’s TOTES gonna join us next week.

The winner is…

The dedicated Sting Ray ZA, who entered so, so many times using unique e-mail addresses that he pretty much got all 5 top placements on our Random.org list. I guess he really, really wants Mass Effect 3.

He’ll be joining us and the guys from G3AR next week for some co-op. If you’re not Sting Ray ZA (and chances are that you’re not, really), we’re giving away a beautiful, limited N7 edition of the game next week. Keep your entries coming!

Last Updated: March 9, 2012

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