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Half Life 2 Episode 3 Code Found In Leaked DOTA 2 Code

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Sometimes bad news can lead to some very good news. Actually, more like very interesting news.

Early code for DOTA 2 has been leaked onto the net, and while you would be pretty thick to risk your Steam account just to play a non-online version of it early, the important news is that it seems to contain code for that other little Half Life 2 Episode 3 title that everyone keeps pestering Valve about.

Best part is that the code points at some pretty awesome goodies.

So this is what folks have found inside the code. Anyone interested in the idea of ice guns and flamethrowers? Hells yeah.

/src/game/server/ep3/weapon_icegun.cpp /src/game/server/ep3/weaponizer_concrete.cpp /src/game/server/ep3/weaponizer_liquid.cpp /src/game/server/ep3/weaponizer_metal.cpp /src/game/server/ep3/weapon_flamethrower.cpp

Episode 3 has become a joke to be completely honest… I mean when you really step back and think about how long ago it was that you actually went and bought your copy of Half Life 2, it’s ridiculous to think that we are still waiting for an expansion to that same game. Heck, it was over a generation ago already.

At this point, I would rather they did a massive upgrade and just gave us Episode 3 as Half Life 3. Unless Episode 3 is basically done and ready to be released soon. Besides that I really don’t want to have to wait this long for an extra episode and then still wait so long after that for an actual sequel to a game that’s pretty damn old now, even if it was so awesome.

More interesting stuff was found in the code, mostly stuff for DOTA 2 and you can check it out through the link below.

Source: LambdaGeneration.com

Last Updated: September 20, 2011

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