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Hands on with Crysis 3 multiplayer

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Crysis Developer Crytek is such a technology focused developer – with many believing that they’re too focused on technology, and have lost sight of what it takes to make a great game. I can;t honestly tell you if they’ve turned that around with Crysis 3 just yet, because I’ve not had the opportunity to tackle the single player – but I have had some time with two of the game’s multiplayer modes – and they’re pretty damned fun.

The first of which, Hunter mode, was unveiled at EA’s press conference. It’s a brand new multiplayer mode that’ll remind you of some of AvP’s craziest multiplayer. Played in five quick-fire two minute matches in the post-apocalyptic urban jungle ruins of New York City, it’s pretty much hide and seek with diminishing odds – made more brutal with with crossbows and guns.

Two random players are chosen to be Hunters when the game starts, while the remaining players take on the uniforms of C.E.L.L. Operatives. In those two minutes, it’s up to the hunters to eliminate the soldiers – while the C.E.L.L operatives are tasked with merely surviving. Where it gets tricky is that once an operative is downed, he’ll respawn as a Hunter – eventually tipping the ops in the hunters’ favour. the nano-suit equipped Hunters have no weapons other than compound bows and the advantage of invisibility – though it’s easy enough to spot them, as you’ll see tem rippling through the swampy water . It may seem imbalanced, but it’s most certainly possible for the C.E.L.L operatives to win if they stick together – and if even one of them survive the two minute round, they claim victory.

It’s fun – and incredibly fast and frenetic.

The other, less exciting multiplayer mode we got to try out was Crash Site – which actually made its debut in Crysis 2. It’s a score based mosed, where holding ceph crash sites and killing opposing players adds score tally. The first team to reach 150 points or the team with the highest score at the end of ten minutes (you’ll never make ten minutes!) wins the round. Players are all equipped with the same gear – but those who’re a little more expeditious in getting to the crash sites can claim extra shields, making them a little more bullet spongey. What is new this time around is a pilotable, great big bloody mech on the battlefield called the Pinger – allowing one team to completely dominate the other if they manage to get in the thing.

Both modes – just a small slice of the total number of multiplayer modes that’ll be available in Crysis 3 – are incredibly fast paced, adrenalin pumping madness that require co-operation and teamwork. Which is good for me, because I’m terrible and need a team to fall back on.

As a side note; the multiplayer we played was on the Xbox 360, and it looks pretty good – though a far cry from the mind-blowing visuals we’ve been treated to on PC.

Last Updated: August 21, 2012

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