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Havana local news reveals that Overwatch is travelling to Cuba

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Overwatch continues to consistenly release new content. New healer and Lucio-on Steroids Baptiste just entered the fray, making entrance with a new assault map located in Paris. The world tour now continues, as a weekend blog post on the Overwatch website has revealed details of a new event. Along with an accompanying tweet:

The post contains the front page of a local Havana newspaper. Headlining the Havana Sun is the story of Don Rumbotico, a former family-run distillery known for it’s high quality rum. Up until the year 2060, Don Rumbotico, though not well known beyond island shores, was a local favourite lovingly run by the Diaz family. Small batches of alcohol made with a secret recipe. Journalist Marise Solis sits down to interview Alicia Diaz, who tells of how her business was one of pride and joy. A Cuban institution.

But following an offer from an anonymous financial group to buy up the distillery, an offer that the family rejected, things started to go wrong. The building was burnt to a crisp. Suspected arson. The family then had to sell for a handful of pesos. No Dom Rumbotico is a world-renowned brand, but it tastes different. And the rich history that embodied it’s Cuban roots has been drowned by the change of hands.

Don Rumbotico is not the only victim of such an acquisition. Solis writes of the Havana Sea Port, once a historic Cuban landmark. That too has been bought up and turned into a private property. Complete with security guards and helicopters overheard. Havana is changing, and possibly not at all for the better.

Also on the front page is Ermando Alvarez with the weather and a subsequent storm warning. Hurrican Fernand is making it’s way across the Atlantic, bearing down on Guardalavaca with winds of up to 193 km/h. Coastline residents are urged to evacuate immediately and make their way inland:

The teaser drop comes at a time of the year when Overwatch is expected to launch its Archive event, a month-long update that introduces a new PvE mission and additional skins and items for players. There is not much to glean off of the images provided but if I were take a wild guess, it may signal the reveal of a new Escort map. This being the case with the last Archives event where we were treated to an Italian experience in Rialto. Given the contents of the teaser, we can also assume that the terrorist organization known as Talon are up to something, presumably being the mysterious entity that is buying up Havana’s landmarks.

More information should be revealed in the coming days. Though judging by the dark clouds in the news report, a real storm is brewing in Cuba.

Last Updated: April 8, 2019

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