I’m Commander Shepard, and 10 is my favourite review score in the Galaxy

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Mass Effect 3’s launched in the US – meaning our American friends (and those dastardly pirates who aren’t  our friends) are already  doing what they can to take Earth back from the Reaper menace. Of course, that also means that reviews have started trickling through – and it looks like Mass Effect 3 has more than made up for Dragon Age II! The game’s been racking up close-to-perfect scores just about everywhere, making the wait until Friday just that much more difficult.

Of course the fact that people are already playing the games means that spoilers abound – so you might want to stay off the internet for a few days. The conclusion to Commander Shepard’s space trilogy hits shelves on Friday March 9th. What are you doing that weekend?

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Last Updated: March 6, 2012

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