It’ll probably take you 13 hours to beat the DOOM single-player campaign

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You’re all set up. You’ve got your beverage of choice next to you (FRANKIE’S CINNAMON COLA YO!), your favourite snack and you’ve locked your cat in the bedroom so that it can’t surprise-attack your groin when you’re about to face a seriously deadly end-stage boss. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand it’s over. Well that was a brief single-player campaign, wasn’t it?

For a component of gaming that apparently takes up around 75% of the development process, single-player campaigns in shooter games generally only make up 25% of the actual time spent playing them, before players head off to multiplayer pastures. Worried that DOOM will fall into the same trap? Fret not though, as id Software reckons that you’ll be spending around a baker’s dozen when it comes to the hours that you’ll need to invest in the single-player for DOOM:

And hopefully it’ll be an interesting 13 hours. Look, I’m all for exploring space stations and seeing just how far I can ram a steel-plated boot down the violated eye-socket of a random demon, but that’s the kind of experience that can run dry real quick in the entertainment department. Unless you’re me of course, because I’m horribly damaged and giggle every time I see a hellspawn get given the mother of all chainsaw colonics.

There’s a massively fine line between having a game that is too short and juuuuust right when you need to justify plonking down most of your monthly salary on it. But then again, there’s always the DOOM multiplayer. Which I reckon, is going to reignite the kind of Quake 3 Arena LAN party that you remember from your wayward youth.

Last Updated: February 15, 2016

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