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Jennifer Hale can’t turn her back on Commander Shepard

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If you played the Mass Effect trilogy as a female Shepard – then well done, you made the right choice. With my penchant for redheads and playing RPG’s as a female, I’m obviously pretty biased – but I do think that Jennifer Hale’s turn as the saviour of the galaxy was the superior one. she really seems to love the role – and she’s as reulctant to say goodbye to Commander Shepard as you are.

Speaking to the folks from EDGE, the real Commander Shepard expressed both surprise and felicity at how passionately fans reacted to the game’s ending – which is set for a Bioware mandated overhaul.

"I was surprised about the level of passion about the ending," she said. "But there’s something really great about that, too: It says people are invested and they really care and they don’t want to let go, which is awesome because I don’t, either."

Intriguingly, she’s also said that she’s yet to be contacted by Bioware to record any dialogue for the new content that’s apparently in the works – meaning it’ll either be quite a while before that DLC becomes available – or it won;t involve Shepard.

"I have mixed feelings about it]," she admitted. "I really respect the team and what they did and how hard they worked. And endings are hard! They’re cutting new ground; the players are so involved in this game that to come up with an ending to something everyone’s got their hand in is a huge challenge."

I really hope it’s not the end for the Normandy’s Commander; though Hale’s lent her voice to just about everything (Is she the female Nolan North?), I’ll really miss her turn as Shepard.

Last Updated: April 5, 2012

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