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Let's all go hunting with the new Crysis 3 trailer

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That's not a nanosuit.That's what happens when you take too many HGH drugs

One of the bigger surprises of the year has to be the debut of a third Crysis game, as it’s only been a year since we last stepped into a nano-suit and took on alien invaders in New York City, that cursed metropolis of many a disaster movie/game/novel/tea party.

So, is Crysis 3 merely a quick expansion dressed up as a proper sequel? It might appear that way, but it seems that the third game has a whole new set of rules and challenges, as its developers explained recently.

Set twenty years after the second game, Crysis 3 finds players back in New York, albeit in a city that has changed drastically since the Ceph invasion of two decades past. Cell Industries has managed to gain a lucrative foothold in international markets, which has allowed them to set up containment domes that can filter out the Ceph menace, and also allows for a more distinct form of sandbox gameplay, Crytek creative development director Rasmus Højengaard said to Kotaku.

“We wanted to go beyond your standard urban war field,” Hojengaard said.

The architecture of the domes gives us the ability to create a distinct artistic vision. The domes act like super-accelerated greenhouses, and in each one there are different geographic regions. In this demo we’re seeing the swamps. They also tie into our gameplay philosophy.

Looks quite thrilling so far then. And as with all previous Crysis games, the changes in gameplay have always been quite noticeable, so this peek into the tec-bow and arrow future might just be a leap forward for the franchise.

Now I just have to figure out which organs I don’t need so that I can get a PC which can handle the bloody game.

Last Updated: April 25, 2012

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