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Local Gaming- The Dota 2 SteelSeries Spring League

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It’s no secret that I am a Dota 2 lunatic, dedicating just about all my free time to learning how to be efficient and decent at the damn game. Too bad the curve to being a pro is steeper than the Tower of Terror! In the meantime, perhaps it’s better to grab a notepad and see just how the pro’s themselves do things right.

Do Gaming has just opened up registrations for their next Dota 2 tournament, The SteelSeries Spring League. Registrations are now open up until the 7th of September, so if you have a passion for the game and think you could put together a strong team, head over to the site to register  The tournament will take place over the coming weeks in September, pausing for Rage to take place, then resuming again the following week.

Assuming you overcome all opposition and resist the urge to rage quit from any of your games, the bounty at the end of the tournament is pretty awesome. SteelSeries, Monster Energy as well as Telkom contributed prizes each, amounting to a pretty stack up for grabs. SteelSeries have thrown together five Kana mouse bundles, Monster Energy, an energetic five cases of their rabid Monster Energy Drinks, and Telkom, a platter of five Samsung 2TB hard drives. Great booty to boost any gamers ego and make them the envy of the peasants around them who could not win the tournament. I could do with all of them, and have considered risking my dignity and scrapping together a team of misfits to battle for it! I wonder if there are any consolation prizes for last place?

You still don’t have access to the addictive Dota 2? Remember that even though it hasn’t officially been released, you can buy into the Beta (receiving some neat items too) for a mere $29.99. That or you could just wait for it to be free when it does eventually launch. Still not satisfied? That’s alright, as Valve recently just released the game client for anybody to download for free. You will not be able to play the actual game, but you can spectate a variety of matches taking place.

Normally for the big international tournaments, you have to pay a couple of dollars just to have access to the live games as well as the replays. Currently underway is The International Tournament (I know right? Insanely creative name!) This tournament comprises of the top 16 teams from around the world, and is entirely free to watch. The early rounds are taking place all week, with the best being left to battle it out this weekend.

The spectator client is fantastic, with some games having Shoutcasters and their unique perspective of the game. If you are at all interested, I’d highly recommend getting the client and checking it out for yourself. It weighs in at a hefty 2.5gb download, but is entirely worth it.

STILL not happy with the above options? If you can’t catch The International or download the spectator client, then be damn sure to catch and support our local tournament via http://dotaportal.co.za/. They will be shoutcasting as well as streaming the games. I’m sure it’s going to be fantastic, and I cannot wait to see the magic that our local gamers will produce!

Last Updated: August 29, 2012

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