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Microsoft concentrating on core gamers

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This is my serious face

Remember a little while back at E3 2012 when Microsoft showed off some more Kinect titles, a browser for the console and SmartGlass? Well that was all just for you the core gamer and according to a Halo developer you should be ecstatic about it.

Yes according to Frank O’Connor from 343 Industries Microsoft is entirely focussed on the core gamer and new announcements like a fully functioning browser on your TV that you can control via SmartGlass and some added Kinect integration proves that.

How it proves that is totally beyond me as I don’t see how having IE in my Xbox gives me as a gamer any benefit. Hey at least I can control it from my iPad now so that makes it better right… because viewing the Internet on my iPad isn’t possible in itself?

Now I can try read webpages from 6 meters away or blow up dodgy web videos to 42” because that’s what I’ve always dreamed of doing as a core gamer.

His actual words before someone accuses me of reading into things

That’s the funny thing about E3. It’s a game show, so the articles tend to reflect the gamer perspective. The reality is that the SmartGlass stuff, and some of the Kinect stuff, and even the browser are all things that I am – and I’m saying this without any sort of corporate veneer – they’re things that I’m absolutely ecstatic about.

Last Updated: June 21, 2012

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