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New Halo 4 details reveals co-operative and episodic multiplayer elements

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One of the big games arriving near the end of this year, is the brand new start to the Halo franchise, in the form of Halo 4. Master Chief returns to once again shoot everything in sight, but this time, it looks like developer 343 Industries is going to put their own spin on the series, as they recently detailed new modes, storylines and enemies, as well as a revamped multiplayer.

Fresh out of the GameInformer feature, the actual plot of Halo 4 will deal with Master-Chief and his AI companion Cortana, who is nearing the end of her shelf-life, as she suffers from “rampany”, basically a digital version of dementia.

It’s up to Master Chief to find a way to save his faithful AI, with 343 Industries also confirming that the “return of Master Chief” will be a core focus as well, as well as a chance to further explore his mysterious origins.

Set four years after the events of Halo 3, The Covenant are back, and causing all kinds of trouble once again, in open defiance of a truce that was recently struck, but this time, they aren’t the principle antagonists.

343 says that a new enemy will make themselves known, and unlike the Covenant or The Flood, their tactics will be far more different and variable, with these enemies working “together in a number of collaborative ways”, and are “elevated in terms of their intelligence and complexity” over previous foes.

I’m putting money down on a hostile AI that has run amok an- waitaminute, that sounds suspiciously like the Geth from Mass Effect!

In addition, Halo 4 will also reveal more about the Forerunners, the mythical alien race which originally constructed the massive planetary rings that were capable of wiping out all organic life.


The first war that humanity had with the Forerunners will be explained, and how exactly we lost that fight over a 100 000 years ago, which plunged our civilization back into the dark ages.

For multiplayer, expect a game that has closer ties to the actual story, as players will find themselves aboard the UNSC Infinity, a ship that is encountered numerous times in the main campaign of Halo 4.

Players will take on the role of a Spartan IV soldier, with traditional multiplayer matches being described as training sessions for the super-soldiers, and will consist of new and old competitive modes.

You’ll be able to level up and upgrade your character here, apply mods and purchase new weapons and gear, while newer additions such as weapon drops and medals will make themselves known in the middle of an actual match.

One of the new modes detailed is Regicide, which will have players scoring points, with the leading scorer being declared king. The longer the king stays alive, and the more kills that said royalty gathers, the more valuable a kill the king will be when finally taken out.

Spartan Ops deals with more episodic content, that has room for up to four players to co-op and engage in missions that will have their own cut-scenes, with new ones arriving each week. These content updates will all be free.

Lobby waiting times, a pet peeve from previous Halo games, has also been addressed, with a drop-in play system now in place, to avoid these annoying gaps in action.

Last Updated: April 11, 2012

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