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Next Xbox to require a permanent net connection

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Another day, another next-gen console rumour! Speculation about the next crop of gaming hardware from Microsoft and Sony seem to be the news du jour – and today’s no different.

VG247 apparently has the scoop on some of what you’ll find in the next Xbox – currently codenamed Durango.

VG247 says that Microsoft has detailed the next Xbox to developers and partners -and that they’ve received details from numerous trustworthy sources. “All this is straight up,” says VG247’s Patrick Garratt, convinced that this information transcends mere rumour.

The best bit is that the next Xbox – contrary to earlier reports – will indeed have a Blu-ray disc-drive, so we needn’t worry about a discless, digital distribution future – for now. Worryingly, especially for those of us in South Africa, is that the next Xbox will require a permanent, always-on internet connection, which will be used to keep down piracy and, quite possibly, the sale of used games.

As far as hardware goes, this next bit is quite exciting. Sources say the next Xbox will sport a twin GPU set up, but it’ll differ from the traditional SLi or Crossfire configuration. Instead, each GPU will work independently, and be capable of rendering separate geometry simultaneously. Each of those GPU’s is said to be from AMD, and comparable to the company’s 7000 series of GPUs.

It’ll also feature “four to six” cores – one of which will be reserved for the OS, and another for Kinect, which’ll be built right in to the system.

“It’s like two PCs taped together,” said one source.

When can you expect the new Xbox?

Start saving, because it’s set to launch in time for holidays next year.

Last Updated: April 2, 2012

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