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Not the FFD: Is E3 still relevant?

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Last week -we were so busy with news that we kinda forgot it was Friday; and what better topic of conversation than E3, the video game industry’s largest annual spectacle.

For many gamers, it’s like Christmas – a wonderful time of year where we’re given presents in the form of a look at how the video game industry will be shaped in the coming year. It’s a way for console manufacturers and software publishers to showcase their stuff.

The industry is changing the way, focusing more and more on mobile and social games. There’s an increasing trend of companies doing their own pre-E3 events and several large houses just aren’t bothered with it anymore (Such as Blizzard, Rockstar and Valve), couple with the proliferation of other, more specific trade shows (such as PAX, GDC and the like). E3 no longer reflects the gaming industry as a whole – but rather just the console hardware and software side.

There’s also the fact that gamers do not like waiting – so there’s a big trend of developers releasing all their new trailers before E3 even begins. Throw in the fact that all the big new coverage is thrown the way of apex predators like IGN, GameInformer and GameTrailers it becomes worth asking:

Do you still get excited by the pomp and ceremony of it all? Is E3 still relevant?

Last Updated: June 4, 2012

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