Portals for two – create your own co-op levels with the Portal 2 level creator

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You can now help Aperture trick the world into designing tests for co-op play in Portal 2. If you won’t do it because you love how awesome Cave Johnson is, you can do it for Science!

Valve has updated the Portal 2 level creator allowing users to create co-op levels. The update also gives players the ability to try out top-rated maps in a wide variety of categories. In celebration, Valve is also giving every Portal 2 owner a coupon for a friend, netting them 75% off their own copy of Portal 2.

This ladies and gentlemen is why every one loves Valve. They don’t care about milking you for every cent you have, they just care about giving you the opportunity to help Cave scam people. For science of course.

Last Updated: August 17, 2012

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