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Prepare yourself, for a weekend of action with MainGaming and FRAG!

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Does online gaming fail to provide the challenge that it once did, while numerous strangers yelling abuse directed at you and your mom? Time for a real test then, and as everybody knows, nothing beats a good ol’ social LAN session when it comes to gaming.

First up on our list, is Maingaming and Comet Computing, who will be holding a tournament to see who the best Modern Warfare 3 clan is. From June 25, various clans participating will play 4 vs 4 matches in a league format, with randomly selected home and away games being selected.

The top two teams will be flown up for a LAN final, and will battle it out for the grand prize, a sponsorship from Comet Computing that will include gaming gear and entries into various tournaments.

For more details on entry, head to the MainGaming page to find out.

Meanwhile, the next FRAG LAN will be held at the UKZN Sports Science Hall from June 22 until the 24th. The Modern Warfare 3 tournament will cost you R150 entry at the door, with discounts for early birds.

For more info, head on over to the FRAG website.

If you happen to  know of any other gaming tournaments happening soon, drop a mail at gavin@lazygamer.net, and we’ll get that information up on the site.

Last Updated: June 20, 2012

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