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RE: Raccoon City developer doesn’t get the negative reviews

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Resident Evil Racoon City, a strategic first-Third person shooter take on the Resident Evil canon was released in the Us earlier this week, and reviews for the game have been disappointingly low. The game currently …uhh…boasts a middling Metacritic score of 54 for the Xbox 360 version, and a sadder 49 on PlayStation 3.

Those who’ve played it complain of  “buggy AI”, “complete lack of atmosphere” and “terrible glitches”. A tactical, co-operative Left 4 Dead set in the Resident Evil universe? How does one screw that up?

As a developer of SOCOM games for Sony they really should have nailed this game, but it seems not even Slant Six Games knows why Resident Evil Racoon city is tanking.

“having a hard time figuring out why this game is getting such bad reviews,” said a fan, in a comment directed at Slant Six’s Twitter. “Us too,” replied Slant Six. “We’re listening to the players though and they seem to like it and that is the most important thing.”

As a huge fan of legacy Resident Evil games, I’m interested in playing Raccoon City – mostly so I can see setpieces and areas (mostly from the incredible Resident Evil 2) from a different point of view – plus, I’m a sucker for co-op. Resident Evil Raccoon City is out on Xbox 360 and PS3 tomorrow, with a PC release in May. are you picking it up?

Last Updated: March 22, 2012

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