Rock Band creators return to roots with Rock Band Blitz

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If you’d heard the name “Harmonix” before the rise and fall of the plastic instrument craze – then you’d probably be familiar with their earlier, excellent, music rhythm games – Amplitude and Frequency. Harmonix’s newly announced Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network game,  Rock Band Blitz sounds like it’ll be a wonderful return to its roots for Harmonix – because it’s pretty much just like those.

Instead of faux instruments, you’ll be using your controller – switching lanes and matching notes – so pretty much just like the awesome Rock Band Unplugged on the PSP. Those of you who’ve played Audiosurf also might feel right at home.

Employing a bit of genius, Harmonix has made it so that your entire Rock Band Library will be playable in the downloadable game – and the 25 tracks included with this title will be playable in Rock Band 3.

Game will be out later this year – although no price has been announced yet – but hell, it’d be worth it just for 25 extra Rock Band 3 tracks. I’m actually pretty excited…and I can;t be the only one right?

Right? Guys?

Last Updated: April 4, 2012

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