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Romania challenges S.A to a Dota 2 face-off

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Being a serious contender in international eSports has been something we’ve aspired to for many years, and we’re finally getting what we’re working for. Romania has formally challenged South Africa to a game or two of Dota 2.

So in case you didn’t know, this is no small thing. While we are ranked 16th in the world by the IeSF, Romania is ranked third, Korea being first (no way!) followed by Austria. Romania has been in the medals at the annual IeSF World Championships two out of three years.

Seeing that this only happened late yesterday afternoon the MSSA is still to accept the challenge and there is no information yet on who the players will be representing us. This is in all honesty my biggest concern. Having the knowledge that local gamers have been stubborn or have not felt comfortable to affiliate with the MSSA, the majority of you who are actually good at gaming are not affiliated and won’t get the chance to make your mark and we won’t have the best representing us. And why? Because of people’s inability to see past what others think, more often than not, others that have no real insight.

So, if you are not affiliated with the MSSA, in others words, don’t belong to a club associated with them, for the love of that which you adore most (gaming), get your ass over there and make sure that the best this country has to offer represents us. Affiliating and performing at the MSSA, which really isn’t that hard not only earns you the right to represent our country officially at the IeSF, but other tournaments as well. 

Check out these links for more info.

MSSA Facebook page

MSSA Yahoo group


Last Updated: January 22, 2013

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