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Rumour: Jim Carrey or Adam Sandler may be a Guardian of the Galaxy for Marvel

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OK, boys and girls, you know the drill. See that “Rumour” tag up there? Well that means that this here story is not substantiated, so no need to lose your heads just yet.

Now while casting for the lead role of Peter Quill in Guardians of the Galaxy has been pretty uneventful, in that all the choices thus far made perfect sense, this latest bit of casting “news” is a doozy.

The scoop comes courtesy of the guys over at Latino Review, who have always been pretty reliable with their Marvel related stories. They are reporting that Marvel has reached out, not cast or called in for a reading, just reached out to funnymen (although not so much in the case of the latter) Jim Carrey and Adam Sandler to check availability for an unspecified role in the James Gunn directed superhero space epic.

Now, unless either of them either suddenly get really bald and buff or grow breasts, there are really only two roles they could be up for: voicing and mo-capping the probably fully CGI characters of Groot and Rocket Raccoon. For the non-comic book geek among you, Groot is a giant living tree while Rocket is an anthropomorphic alien raccoon with a penchant for cigars, large guns and foul language.

Based on the fact that Groot only speaks using his name, I highly doubt they’d get actors like Carrey and Sandler for this, but they could really work as Rocket. With his acerbic, motormouth wit, he is definitely the comic relief of the group. Personally, I think Carrey could totally own this role, while Sandler… Well, the Law of Averages dictate that there must still be some people out there that still find him funny. Somewhere.

Like I said previously, nothing has been made official yet, but with an August 2014 release date set, and taking into consideration the huge amount of post-production effects work this movie is going to require, I expect we’ll be hearing some proper casting news very soon. Hopefully, it’s not that Adam Sandler will be putting his experience in playing big breasted females to use and has been cast as Gamorra. *Shudder*

Last Updated: January 23, 2013

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