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Starcraft Developer–PlayStation Move integration “made me want to kill myself”

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Kotaku has been interviewing the Starcraft 2 lead designer,  Dustin Browder, about all things Starcrafty and one things for sure from this discussion and that is that Starcraft isn’t coming to the PS3 anytime soon, well at least not with Move integration.

According to Dustin the guys from Sony came around to showcase the PlayStation Move and how it might work with games like StarCraft.

The demo that I saw was really fun because the guy who came in and showed it to us was a big StarCraft fan, and he put a significant amount of effort into trying to make it work

Which is really positive but then

And when I tried it, I wanted to kill myself. I found it very difficult to make it work. I believe that if I had practiced as much as he had, I would’ve enjoyed it more… but for us it felt like it was gonna be a lot more effort to still make that work, to still make that really sing. And for us, control is king, and it’s so critical. Everything’s gotta move when you tell it to move. It’s gotta be really tight. You can’t feel like you’re battling the interface

This is a great example of why a hands on is always so vital, you can gather a lot of information from a “hands off” preview of a title but until you get your hands on the controls you really don’t know how well the title actually works.

The rest of the interview is very interesting as Dustin talks about how Starcraft may work with the upcoming Wii-U controller but they aren’t sure how they could implement hot keys and the like. But the idea of a strategy game on a console is now much closer to becoming a reality with the second screen implementations.

Halo Wars has already shown that a good strategy game can exist on consoles but comparing that to Starcraft 2 is a little silly, but an improved Halo Wars with a touch screen control to compliment the normal controller could really make something happen.

Let’s hope someone lays down some real cash to investigate the options once the technology is bedded down.

*Yes the header image is unrelated but I saw it while trying to find a related one and loved it.. I found it here where they have some awesome anime wallpaper

Last Updated: June 20, 2012

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