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The best and worst of the last week 17 August 2012

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Fridaaaaay! While everyone is still working for the weekend, and Gavin and Geoff are touring Gamescom in wheelchairs after their hectic schedule broke their legs with exclusive game previews, we’re here, about to finish the day off in grand style. Here’s a look at the stories that you loved and ignored this week.


ION Header

Previously, I’ve trolled you guys good, trolled you with days that left you lamenting in agony, afternoons that were seared into your memories for all time. Those were the most memorable days in your life, but for me, it was simply Tuesday.

Well, I’ve kept my word to not to do any intentional trolling this week, and it looks like the ION lady of the week was the utterly awesome Xenia Deli.

Worst Story
There’s nothing worse than working your arse off on something and getting no credit for it. Which is why I’m currently easing my face with a slab of meat, after I forgot to give proper credit to the latest review of Magic The Gathering cards that Garth submitted yesterday. Always give the Wookiee proper accreditation people.

And that’s the case with various Darksiders 2 developers being given the cold shoulder, as their names have been cut out from the final game, despite the fact that they were fired after helping create some essential components for it.

Best Story

The best story – not for the amount of attention it received, or because it was breaking news – had to be the fact that Sony is making a real effort towards making the PS Vita a console that is worth owning, with it’s cross-platform play and the fact that select future games will be free on its bigger brother console, the PS3.

Most Popular

Evidently, you chaps like boasting about the size of your erect PCs, because the modest system requirements for the upcoming Dishonored had you all showing off your members…of your hardware family.

Okay, that’s enough innuendo for one day.

Least Popular

It seems that the dubious honour of least cared about story falls on my shoulders today, as not a single person commented on my press conference post about FIFA 13, most likely due to the fact that I reported accurately on a football game for once.

Comment of the week

WTF101? wins this week thanks to the fact that our commenter made the idea of a third Half-Life even more awesome, if we swapped Gordon Freeman for Morgan Freeman, and gave the man some damn lines to read for once:

Both have beards and I am suffering from a head cold. Leave me be! Did I see Morgan Freeman with a beard or am I hallucinating from the drugs I am taking?

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