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The crazy turnip economy of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, explained

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As the week comes to a close and Darryn is no doubt starting his weekly sign-in to Destiny 2 so he can find out where Xur will be hiding all weekend, many other gamers are waiting in anticipation for Sunday morning. I’m talking about those diehard fans of Animal Crossing: New Horizons who look forward to the arrival of Daisy Mae and her pockets full of turnips all week.

As bizarre as it may seem, those seemingly mundane and unimportant vegetables are the key to becoming a bellionaire in the shortest time frame possible, if you’re willing to gamble just a little bit. You’ve no doubt seen all the screenshots that circulate your social media of people either jumping for joy on the turnip deals they just made or lamenting the fact that Timmy and Tommy just aren’t catering to the growing market of white, bulbous plants. The whole thing is both very silly and very simple, if you know what you’re doing. So let’s learn how to play the Stalk Market.

You see what they did there?

To properly play the Stalk Market, you’ll need to invest in some turnips. Daisy Mae will rock up to your island every Sunday and will hang around from 05:00 AM to 12:00 PM. Speak to her and purchase all of the turnips you want, her prices will never be cheaper than 90 bells or more expensive than 110 bells per turnip. Once you’ve got those bad boys, dump them in a place that’s easy to reach, like your house. You can’t use your house storage for turnips (for some arbitrary reason) so you’ll have to just leave them on the floor.


Right, the next step is to sell them all off for a profit. Timmy and Tommy pay exceedingly good cash for turnips, the only problem is that their prices change every day. So on Monday, they could be offering 112 bells per turnip and the following day, only 96 bells, as an example. As with the real world stock market, you’ll want to buy low and sell high so make sure you remember how much you originally paid for your turnips. This part’s the gamble because you obviously want to maximise your profits but it’s very difficult to know which day Nook’s Cranny will be offering the best value. It becomes an even bigger risk when you know that turnips only last a week, meaning you need to sell them off before next Sunday otherwise they’ll rot and turn to mush.


Now, there’s no real in-game way to determine which day will yield the highest possible profit so to calculate that we’ll have to look for outside help. Turnip Prophet is a fantastic resource that allows you plug in all your previous turnip purchases and sells so as to calculate potential spikes and dips in the market.

A small spike can result in Nook’s Cranny offering 200 bells per turnip, while a large spike may result in a maximum of a whopping 660 bells per turnip. Bare in mind that trends change week by week so the best way to improve your overall understanding of the market is to network and talk to other players. There’re loads of Animal Crossing Discord servers that provide a platform for players to compare notes on their stalk prices and they’re usually a super welcoming bunch. Usually. The Stalk Market has been known to attract very competitive players, but they’re in the extreme minority.

So that’s the basic run down on how to become an overnight bellionaire in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The Stalk Market is a fickle mistress, one that can deliver cruel disappointment but also supreme triumphs. Stay on her good side, and you’ll finally be able to purchase that coveted fourth house upgrade.

Last Updated: April 24, 2020

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