The Film and Publications Board wants your opinion on new video game ratings

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If there is one thing that I love about my country, besides the awesome people and weather, it’s that we happen to have a pretty rad freedom of choice when it comes to playing games. Go look at a store shelf, and you’ll see plenty of hard-hitting, violent games on the shelves, with the appropriate age restriction labelled on it, but the main point is that it is there, for us to buy, and enjoy.

It’s a freedom that is curtailed in various other countries, as Australia is still knee-deep in red tape trying to allow such games into their country, while Germany usually requires numerous changes and edits to the final product before it’s allowed to be sold.

Our national rating body, the Film and Publications Board, is busy drafting up new guidelines for games, alongside film and television, and they want the public to participate by sending in suggestions and comments to them.

To see what they’re proposing, have a look at the latest downloadable document here, and head on over to pages 3 and 32 specifically. So, if you’re at all interested in seeing some progress being made towards more downloadable content hitting our consoles any time soon, then make your voice known and heard.

Opportunities such as this only come along once in a blue moon, and now is the time to make your voices heard guys. You don’t want us to be like ze Chermans, do you?

Last Updated: April 4, 2012

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