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These game cases are battling to the death

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I went on the Nintendo website to find out about the new characters in the latest Zelda game. I looked all over but all I could find were Links.

Competition in gaming is a positive aspect of the industry. We’re not talking online, but in the financial world beneath us, that governs the flow and direction of new releases. Just think of the great rivalries that have erupted in recent years.

Battlefield vs Call of Duty, Forza vs Gran Turismo, Street Fighter vs Mortal Kombat and Hello Kitty vs Barbie Horse Adventures have all been topics of discussion amongst fanboys. So imagine what would happen, if those games did go to war…

So there you have it folks. If you ever wanted to find out which game is truly the greatest of all time, just leave your covers alone and they’ll sort it out amongst themselves. Which has just made me realise, that I better get rid if this game pronto, before anymore blood is spilled.


Last Updated: June 19, 2012

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