This is Nvidia’s GTX 680 – The “Fastest Most Efficient GPU” in the world.

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PC gaming enthusiasts with a ton of disposable income, it’s time for you to sit up and take notice. The official video showing off the company’s new, not really officially announced GPU, the GTX 680 has leaked online.

The video shows Nvidia exec Ujesh Desai showing off the card and some of the new technology they’ve built for the card; including “GPU Boost,” a new method of dynamically overclocking your video card when playing games and "TXAA," a new anti-aliasing algorithm that should significantly increase anti-aliasing.

Also showcased is a new way of rendering fur and hair – which Desai says  is capable of 100,000 hairs in real time, and some new powerful PhysX enhancements that will allow for real-time object fracturing, without developers having to do all the maths beforehand. It could lead to some impressive gameplay, if developers jump on board.

Lastly, the GTX 680 will allow for multiple monitor 3D vision surround off of a single card – which is something competitor AMD has been offering for a while now. How much should you expect to pay for the bleeding edge in graphics? Rumour says you’ll shell out around $500 for the thing, so around Eleventy billion South African Rands.

Check it out.

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Last Updated: March 22, 2012

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