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Transformers: Fall of Cybertron’s made me an Optimist Prime

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I like giant robots fighting with each other about as much as the next guy, but I’ve pretty much stopped paying attention to anything Transformers related since Michael Bay ruined the Autobots’ good name by making high budget, low brained movies that played on racial stereotypes for ill-advised comedic effect. Gold-teethed, Jive talking robots? Ugh.

That’s apparently been to my own detriment, because everybody keeps telling me how good the recent, High-Moon developed Transformers games (which have not a damned thing to do with the movies) have been. After a bit of time with the latest game bearing the name of everybody’s favorite giant-robots-that-turn-in-to-other things. Unless you really prefer the Gobots, in which case I politely ask you to stop reading this and run instead in to the nearest wall.

As you all likely know, the Transformers tells the good vs evil story of the Autobots, and the politically motivated battles they have with their mechanical nemeses, the Decepticons. In the last game, War for Cybertron, we saw both factions battling for control of their Home planet, with each group of inorganic yet sentient machines trying to wrest control of the world.

In this newest one, Fall of Cybertron, we can see that the Autobots, lead by the coolest truck in the history of vehicles Optimus Prime, have failed completely and have little choice but to evacuate the planet. Fall of Cybertron tells the story of the Autobots last experiences on the home world they’ve been forced to leave – and it’s left me pretty surprised.

The reason for that, mostly’ is the game’s surprising sense of scale the equally surprising amount of variety. You’ll get to play as a variety of different bots, from both factions – and each comes across as being distinct, and having its own unique play style.

One of my favourites is Vortex, the sadistic Combaticon that’s able to transform in to a Helicopter, and also serves as the left arm of the mega-robot Bruticus (who you’ll also get to play as). As you’re able to Transform at will – something pretty important for well, Transformers, you’re able to chop-and-change between being a ground based attacker, or a whirlybird of death – scouting the expansive battlefield for the best attacking position.

Another favourite – and it’s one of everbody’s favourites really – is the contemptuous Grimlock; just about the only good bot with the steel balls to stand up to Optimus Prime. Unlike the rest if the bots you’ll play as, Grimlock is unable to transform at will – and instead has a rage-based transformation. The more damage you inflict to enemy robots, the angrier he’ll get until, when finally consumed by rage, Grimlock will be able to change forms. Completely worth the wait – because what Grimlock turns in to is a giant, fire-breathing friggin T-Rex.

And everybody knows dinosaurs makes everything awesome. Transformers: Fall of Cybertron will hit your PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 as early as next week.

Last Updated: August 17, 2012

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