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Want a Diablo 3 Beta Code? Here’s your chance.

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Hugely anticipated clickfest loot-a-thon RPG Diablo 3 is in closed beta right now, giving select players the opportunity to play the game before its eventual release – which might even be this year. Getting in to that beta is no mean feat; codes are severely limited. Here’s your chance to get in on that devil-slaying action.

Here’s the deal. There are 450 Diablo 3 Beta codes that’ll be dished out to video game fans around the country – yeah, just 450, making them even more elusive than the game’s actual release date. Those 450 codes will be given to various media. All entries are thrown in to a central pool and are selected from that pool, and will be given out in waves over the next month, starting today.

All you have to do to enter is fill out this form and your entry will join others in the pool. Entrants must reside in South Africa and be over 18 to qualify.

Statistically, entering via Lazygamer gives you the greatest chance of nabbing a code*, so make sure to enter as many times as you can, using your cache of unique e-mail addresses.

*Probably not true, but it’s worth entering anyway.


Last Updated: February 20, 2012

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