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Where in the world is Counter Strike: GO?

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While PC gamers have been defusing bombs and shooting terrorist in the face in the newly reworked Counter-Strike GO for over a week, local console players have been feeling a little left out – because it’s failed to show up on the local PSN or XBLA digital storefronts.

Sony’s already said it’s been delayed on the European PSN store, and has apologised once again for it missing this week’s content drop.

“I know a lot of you were hoping for news on Counter Strike: Global Offensive but I’m afraid I’ve no new information to share today. Rest assured we’ll update you as soon as possible,” Sony said on the PSN blog. so it is coming – but nobody quite knows when.

That’s cold comfort to local Xbox Gamers who’ve been waiting to get in on the Global Offensive  – because the game’s still missing from the local store. We’ve spoken to local Microsoft representative Graeme Selvan  – and he’s been hassling just about everybody about getting the game on the local marketplace.

“Hopefully we can solve this quickly,” was the last response he got right from the top, with a promise to chase Valve for answers. The situation seems to parallel the PSN’s; the game will be coming to the local XBLA, just nobody’s quite sure when. From what we’ve been told, our little country was kinda skipped when the game was rated globally – and it’s going through that particular process right now. 

We’ll keep prodding Microsoft with a pointy stick – and will keep you updated.

Last Updated: August 30, 2012

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