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Will Warfighter hit a homerun?

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There’s always something about multiplayer modes in which you don’t respawn that adds intensity and immediacy to all of your actions; it’s probably what made Gears of War’s multiplayer so damned enthralling. There’s one such mode in the new Medal of Honor: Warfighter that left me pretty surprised, and maybe even keen to play the modern combat shooter – a genre I’m notoriously bored to tears with.

Home Run is that mode, and is a new take on old, established ideas. It’s essentially Capture the Flag – but there are no second chances; once you’re downed in any specific round, all you can do is watch the rest of your team. Home run gives the defending team two flags to protect from the attacking team – but unlike most modes of its ilk, doesn’t really reward camping all that much – there are just too many spots on the small, cramped maps that present opportunities for sticky-fingered flag thieves, and too many routes available for flanking unaware opponents.

It’s another of those modes that “geared for eSports,” meaning high-level, frenetic competitive play, pitting two 6-man teams against each other for 10 incredibly fast-paced rounds. It’s got an emphasis on classes, and you’ll be able to select from 6 of them; The assault – your general run and gunner; The point man, with an emphasis on surprise and speed; the heavy gunner, offering suppression and cover fire; Spec Ops giving you the opportunity to strike quickly before the opposing team’s grouped and planned; The sneaky stalking sniper and the armaments focused Demolitions expert. Each class, additionally, has a set of special perks to aid the team. The point man, for example, has access to a UAV, while the Spec Ops has a special view that allows him, temporarily, to see enemies behind walls.

Each of the rounds tends to last a minute or two – giving you a much more fast-paced mode than anything you’d see in Battlefield 3. In fact, it feels much like an arcade shooter, with just the veneer of realism afforded by Frostbite 2.0 I went in expecting to be bored silly – but left keen to play more.

Mostly because my team had lost 0-10 and I had vengeance coursing through my veins. Medal of Honour’s biggest problem though is it’s competition – it’s going up against not only Call of duty this year, but Halo 4 as well, and I’m not sure it’s a big enough franchise to go head to head with those big boys.

Last Updated: August 22, 2012

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