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Win a Mass Effect 3 Collector’s Edition

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As you saw earlier, Mass Effect 3’s been getting some pretty incredible review scores from roughly every single media outlet on the planet. If you haven’t ordered a Collector’s Edition yet, chances are you won’t get one; they’re actually rather limited this time around. s

Don’t worry though – we’ve got you covered; because thanks to the beautiful people at EA, we’re giving away even more stuff.  They’ve  given us a coveted, mostly-sold-out-everywhere N7 collector’s edition of the year’s most anticipated RPG, Mass Effect 3 for the Xbox 360.

Want to win it?

If you answered no, here’s what the N7 Collector’s Edition contains – which should easily change your mind.

  • Premium metal case featuring commemorative artwork of Commander Shepard.
  • 70-page hardbound art book featuring hundreds of unique and gorgeous illustrations from the BioWare development team.
  • Limited edition Mass Effect comic by Dark Horse Comics, complete with unique cover artwork.
  • Join the ranks of the N7 with the premium fabric N7 patch.
  • Exclusive 4×6 lithographic print featuring a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork.
  • A full collection of in-game content that can’t be found anywhere else!
    • N7 Arsenal Pack – Bring the firepower with the N7 Sniper Rifle, Shotgun, SMG, and Pistol.
    • Robotic Dog – A faithful sidekick to keep you company on board the Normandy.
    • Squadmate Alternate Outfit Pack – New appearances for your favorite squad members.
    • N7 Hoodie – For Commander Shepard’s casual days on board the Normandy.
  • Relive all the greatest moments of Mass Effect 3 with the digital soundtrack.
  • Xbox LIVE Normandy prop for your Avatar. (Available on Xbox 360 version only.)
  • Display your initiation in the N7 ranks with a collection of forum and social badges, avatars, and perks.

Entering is easy peasy – all you have to do is fill in the form you’ll find here. The astute among you might realise that it’s not the only copy of Mass effect 3 we’re giving away – yup, we’re also helping one lucky reader get in on some co-op action, though it does mean having to play online with those losers from G3AR.

Last Updated: March 6, 2012

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