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Xbox Live accounts weren’t hacked

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Recently we heard about Xbox Live’s director of policy and enforcement’s Xbox Live account being hacked.

Then the hacker came out and stated that he tried to reach out to Microsoft before hacking the account to point out the flaws in their security but apparently they didn’t care and that’s why he made a public spectacle of himself.

Well according to Stephen Toulouse (StepTo) this isn’t exactly true. It is true that the hacker phoned him before going public but according to the call Joystiq heard it wasn’t the least but helpful and rather a expletive filled rant that can’t be taken seriously.

It’s also been noted that his account wasn’t hacked but rather the guy gained access to it by finding out Stephen’s personal details from his personal web host who they tricked into believing was him and then using those personal details to change the password on his Xbox Live account.

What this means is that your account isn’t about to be taken over by some random script kiddie so don’t panic.I do wonder however if Stephen had to jump through the billion and one hoops to get his password reassigned back to him that us mere mortals would have to do if we phoned the Xbox Live support line.

You see the problem is when one of these idiots gets a hold of your account they not only change the password but also the residential address, secret question, names and so on so that when you phone you don’t know any of the details other than your username.

It’s a bit of a tough one for Microsoft to resolve but I recommend simply having a decent history system so that when you phone they can see the details have been changed recently and you can then authorise yourself against those details.

Last Updated: April 5, 2011

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