You might need a new TV for your PS4

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But what does it mean?

According to current rumours, you might need to start saving for a new TV if you want to make full use of Sony’s next-generation console. According to Yahoo, citing mysterious unnamed sources, Sony’s PlayStation 4 will support a 4K resolution – or Ultra HD if you like.

4K resolution, as you might’ve guessed is the term used in cinematography to describe a 4000 horizontal pixel display – giving you a working resolution of 3840×2160, four times that of the “full HD” resolution of 1920×1080 you get today. According to Yahoo, sony’s new console will support the resolution for both movies and games.

I’m not entirely convinced. Even though the current PlayStation supports Full HD for games right now, very few games natively use the resolution, and the console’s lacking the upscaling capabilities of its current HD competition. Chances are, if true, that games would be rendered at 1080p, and then upscaled, through hardware, to 4K. If, however, the PlayStation 4 is capable of outputting games at 4K natively, running at 60 FPS, it’d be mighty impressive indeed. Even top end PC’s struggle pushing current games at those sorts of resolutions (with all the bells and whistles) – but 4K video content certainly seems feasible- and Sony already sells 4K Blu-Ray players.

Unfortunately, 4K televisions are pretty astronomically priced right now – but it’s entirely possible that Sony could use its new console to once again push its TV technology, as it did with Blu-Ray, and later 3D. Sony’s set to release its first 4K TV before year’s end, and you can pick one up for Christmas – if you happen to have a spare $30, 000 lying about. 

Personally, I’d prefer they just concentrated on 1080p native support in all games, with sexy anti-aliasing and effects – with a focus on  60 frames per second – because there’s no way in hell I’m buying a new TV any time soon.

Last Updated: August 23, 2012

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