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6 Tips for Living a More Luxurious Lifestyle

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When many people hear the word “luxury,” they think of fancy cars, private jets, and multimillion-dollar mansions. These expensive images can make luxury feel out of the realm of the average person. 

But living a luxurious life doesn’t need to mean spending tons of money. Just a few small changes can make your daily routine feel more indulgent. Check out these six tips for making your life feel a little more luxurious. 

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1. Save for What’s Important 

You don’t need millions of dollars in the bank to live luxuriously. However, being fiscally responsible can help you save for what’s important. Dream vacations and first-time homeownership can feel out of reach if you blow through every paycheck. But simply saving 10% of your monthly income can bring you closer to achieving your goals. 

Opening a savings account can seem pointless if you don’t have a huge chunk of change. That’s because most banks have monthly fees on accounts that don’t meet their monthly minimum. According to Due, online banking platforms can be more cost-effective than traditional banks. Online banking drops the account fees rather than penalizing people for starting with a small amount in savings. 

2. Invest in a Capsule Wardrobe

Many people fall victim to fast fashion, buying cheap clothes every season only to wear them a handful of times. They’re then left looking into a closet full of clothes they hate, thinking, “I have nothing to wear.” Instead of dropping money at Zara, stop buying low-quality clothes and invest in a high-quality capsule wardrobe. 

A capsule wardrobe contains a handful of carefully curated items that you can mix and match to create multiple outfits. Each item is well made so that it can last years before needing to be replaced. Capsule wardrobe pieces may cost you more up front, it’s true. But you’ll save big in the long run when you’re not at the mall or on Zappo’s every weekend. Better yet, there’s nothing more luxurious than wearing high-quality clothes that make you look and feel great. 

3. Learn to Cook 

Going out for a fancy dinner is nice from time to time. However, ordering two steaks and a couple glasses of wine can quickly become an expensive bill. Many people can only afford to visit high-end restaurants every now and then. But what if you could bring a five-star dining experience into your home every week? 

Learning a few simple cooking skills like how to sear a steak or roast vegetables can elevate your home dining experience. Platforms like YouTube have tons of free content to teach you how to make any dish you want. To create an even more intimate vibe, light a few candles and play relaxing music with your meal. You may find that your home dining experience feels more luxurious than eating out. 

4. Enjoy Studio Workout Classes Online 

There’s something that feels really bougie about working out in a boutique fitness studio. But spending $34 every time you visit SoulCycle (see here) isn’t the most affordable fitness option. Does this mean you’re stuck doing boring self-guided workouts? Not at all. There are tons of online workout platforms that give you a fancy studio feel for a fraction of the cost.

When choosing an online workout plan, start by considering what equipment you have at home. Many programs only require you to show up ready to sweat, but you’ll need a stationary bike or weights for others. Next, think about what activities you enjoy the most. If you love restorative movement, you may enjoy Pilates or yoga. If you’re looking for something more energetic, an online boot camp could be perfect. 

5. Book Cheap Flights to Luxurious Locations

You may think trips to tropical beaches or the Italian Riviera are reserved for the rich. After all, the cost of travel is expensive. But that’s not necessarily the case. You can buy cheap plane tickets to almost anywhere in the world. You just need to know when and where to look. 

Most people book Friday flights, making Friday one of the most expensive days to fly. Instead of hopping on a plane at the end of the work week, consider booking flights Tuesday, Wednesday, or Saturday. These are typically some of the cheapest days to fly. Before booking your flight, scan through a few travel metasearch sites. These online resources can help you find the most affordable tickets to your dream destination. 

6. Create Your Own Coffeehouse 

Many of us look forward to a warm cup of joe in the morning. But buying coffee out every day adds up fast. And since Starbucks just increased its coffee prices, as reported by TheStreet, that morning latte just got a whole lot more expensive. The good news is, there’s a way to save some cash without sacrificing the luxury of a delicious dark roast.

Making gourmet coffee at home gives you access to this luxury item every day for a buck or even less. Simply buy beans from your favorite coffee shop, grab a delicious creamer, and you’re good to go. For a little extra pizazz, purchase a $20 coffee frother to add a touch of foam to your morning brew. 

You don’t need to be ultra-wealthy to live a life of luxury. Implementing a few simple lifestyle changes can make everyday experiences feel fancy for a fraction of the price. 

Last Updated: July 19, 2022

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