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Buddha Finger Review – Finger of Fury

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Reckon that you’ve got fast fingers? Think that you can finger your way past a mountain of goons and Kung Fu masters who forgot that Movember has ended? Will I ever stop making innuendo-laden comments related to fingers? Read on to find out, as I continue to finger my iPad.

There’s no shortage of games on iTunes right now, and plenty of them are free. Your product needs a special hook in order to entice people to plonk down a dollar for it. Buddha Finger is just that kind of game, as players take on the role of a young man, on a quest of sorts, and armed with the skill to strike key pressure points. Cue the endless street fights!


I’ll be honest here, and admit that in the visuals and sound department, you get what you pay for, in this case, R10. The visuals, bright as they are, feel like something ripped from a children’s book, the sounds are repetitive and several designs are repeated with a palette swap over the course of the game. This is kind of a decent opportunity wasted here, as the game would have looked marvellous if it had gone in the art direction of proper grindhouse Kung Fu flicks. Still, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Fortunately, you won’t give a five-finger palm exploding heart technique worry about that, because Buddha Finger is pretty damn addictive.


It’s an unforgiving session of constant street fights and fast fingering, as players tap their way to victory. The idea here is simple. Hit a series of targets in the correct order, and you’ll defeat your opponent, with points awarded for efficiency, speed and accuracy.

The catch though, is that the pressure points that need to be attacked are more than just quick tap-or-snap spots, but will require players to tap several spots at the same time, spin a pressure point in the right direction or drum-tap one key spot before the timer runs out. It’s essentially Elite Beat Agents, but with far less afros and sing-along competitions.

You’ll need to chain moves and keep the pace brisk, as you put your digits to work, before your health bar takes too much of a battering. Work your finger enough, and you’ll build up a power bar that can be used to insta-kill a sequence, before you’ll need to prod it back up to full strength.


In terms of replay value, Buddha Finger varies in that department, as people who happen to be as petty as I am will get a kick out of seeing who can top the scoreboards. There’s not much beyond that, but at least the game itself is of a decent length.

Visually, the game may not be to everyone’s taste, but when it comes to some quick and challenging gameplay on your Apple device, you’d be hard pressed to find a better use for your dollar.  Now feel the wrath of my finger!

Last Updated: November 6, 2012

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