Boog and Elliot are back in Open Season: Scared Silly and this movie is indeed silly. Now this is animation, so silly is good and the jokes definitely come flying fast and loose in this fourth installment to the series.


Boog (Donny Lucas) and Elliot (William Townsend) are about to go on a camping trip, despite the funny fact that they already live in a forest. Before setting off on their trip Elliot tells a campfire story to everyone about a terrifying werewolf and although basically everyone knows he is messing about, Boog is quite frightened by the tale. Frightened enough to want to run away and hide. Of course his good pal Elliot feels this is a good moment to take Boog on the trip and get him over his fears, taking Mr Weenie along for the adventure.


As if Boog’s fear aren’t enough of a problem to take care of, the trio are also discovered by the movie’s villain, the hunter Shaw (Trevor Devall), who does what he can to get the open season re-opened so he can go after our heroes.

While the previous three Open Season movies in my opinion are way better than Silly Season that’s not to say that it’s terrible. If anything it will be just as popular with its intended audience, the kids – who will be sure to enjoy the humor and funny visuals. There are also strong messages of friendship and facing your fears.


Featuring the voice talents of Donny Lucas, Will Townsend, Brian Drummond, Lee Tockar, Peter Kelamis and Trevor Devall, Open Season: Scared Silly is available on Blu-Ray and DVD now.

Special Features

  • Feature Commentary with Director David Feiss and Writer Carlos Kotkin
  • Super Speedy Recap
  • Director Profile: David Feiss

Last Updated: April 29, 2016


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