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Gioteck EX-05 headset review – Feel the wub

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Gioteck continues their line of military styled, high quality gaming accessories with the EX-05, a multi-format headset for those gamers who want one product to work with each platform. Prepare for bullets being aimed at your eardrums with the EX-05 headset.

Big sound for big ears.


I have a hard time shopping for headsets. I tend to avoid those that cup the ears and I have to check if the ‘headrest’ is adjustable. For some odd reason, most headphone manufacturers think all gamers have tiny heads with small, round ears. When I first pulled the  EX-05 Multi format headset  out of the box, I adjusted it to the largest setting it could go to before slipping them on. To my surprise, I had to make them smaller to sit snugly on my big furry head. The ear cups are soft and comfortable, meaning my ears only hurt after I played for eight hours straight on one Saturday (silly Saints Row). Considering playing a game for eight hours without breaks is not the healthiest thing for anyone to do, I think that passes the test of what counts as comfortable. To my surprise my ears weren’t completely sopping wet, another issue I seem to have all too often with ear cups that can’t breathe. Remember, a sweaty Wookiee ear is probably not something you ever want to see.

Talking to the voices in your head.


Sometimes we can’t play games at the volume we want to. Maybe the missus is sleeping, or your canary might die due to the bad voice acting. Maybe you don’t want your neighbours to hear that you are playing one of those Asian games where all the surprised girls sound like they are about to orgasm. For me, I just enjoy being totally immersed in a game. These headphones use 40mm stereo drivers to pump everything into your ears, from the footsteps of your foes to the tinkle of spent bullet cartridges, helping you to hear the sounds that matter in the game, without any external distractions. The sound cancellation could almost be called too good: I can’t hear my phone, my family, the guy who broke in and tried to steal my couch… I can’t hear anything when I have this headset on. Unless you are in a game with me, then things are different. With game volume and voice volume having independent volume controls, I can turn up a soft-spoken, mumbling Darryn and drop the game volume so that I can actually hear what he is saying, instead of just mumbling ‘yeah’ and ‘lol’ every now and again.



The wired EX-05 comes with several cables and adaptors to make sure that they work with your configuration. For the Xbox360, you can use the included AV RCA adaptor regardless of whether or not you are using HDMI. The PS3 is just as easy to connect. For PC, just plug the headset in (inline plus USB).

A small feature, which I enjoyed a lot, was the fact that you plug the headset into the volume control box. This means that if you do stand up, or the cat runs past etc, the headset will disconnect there rather than giving your console and TV a jolt. It also allows for easy storage, as you can unplug the headset and leave the cable in an unassuming place, ready for the next time you need it.

The EX-05 comes in both wired and wireless, and has an RRP of R699 for the wired set, and R1299 for the wireless. This might not be the cheapest product from Gioteck, but it definitely stands proud against brands costing much more.

Last Updated: August 22, 2012

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