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Images of Google’s Pixel 5 leak online

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One of the downsides to living on the wrong side of the globe and in a smaller economy, is that we don’t always get the latest tech devices or brands. One of those is Google’s Pixel smartphones, which are sadly hard to come by here. While not always the best devices in the market, they do give the purest experience of Android and ensure that you always have the latest in software from the company, as other manufacturers take their time deciding on which features they want to update.

Google recently released the Pixel 4A overseas, but already interest is still focused on the forthcoming Pixel 5 which should provide more of an upgrade boost for users. Pics of the new device from regular leaker @OnLeaks have made their way online (via The Verge) and if accurate, it appears that the new device will feature a fingerprint sensor on the rear. There’s also a square-shaped camera array containing what looks to be two cameras, a flash, and an unknown sensor, and a hole-punch front-facing camera in the top left of the display. So, in other words, nothing terribly new, but it will keep the device in line with current trends from other companies.

As for screen real estate, according to Android Central, the Pixel 5 will feature a 6-inch 90Hz OLED panel, which is just a fraction smaller than Samsung’s flagship S20 which comes in at 6.2 inches. As for what is inside the device, it believed the next Pixel will be powered by a Snapdragon 765G processor, 8GB of RAM, 128GB of storage, 15W Qi wireless charging and 5W reverse wireless charging. Again, fairly standard specs although the processor is an interesting one. While the Snapdragon 765G supports 5G, it is actually a slower processor than the Snapdragon 855 used in the Pixel 4.

I guess its one of those things where companies are more driven by the 5G browsing experience than the speed of the actual device, though for the average user, the difference will likely be negligible.

As already mentioned though, Google never intends for their Pixel phones to compete with the high-end phones from the likes of Samsung and Huawei, but rather use it as a platform for showcasing Android at its best. People who are keen on that experience and are in the need of an upgrade will probably want to try and get this anyway.

Last Updated: August 25, 2020

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