Fallout Producer Disappointed in Diablo 3

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Ashley Cheng the producer of Fallout has been talking about Diablo 3 and has come out and said that he was disappointed that Blizzard stayed on the conservative side of things with Diablo 3.

I am not sure what he means there but the guess is that he was trying to plug Fallouts first person view over Diablo’s topish down view.

it’s a bit rich saying you disappointed in a game before it’s even released though isn’t it?

Bethsoft’s Ashley Cheng Disappointed in Diablo 3 | Blizzard Guru

Last Updated: July 2, 2008

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • that picture is really throwing me off this morning… 😕

    Diablo 3 looks hot, I’ve reached fanboi state on that game I can’t wait and I’ll defend it till it robs me of my soul and mind

    DIABLO III – ROXORS!(or however fanboi’s say it)

  • Naudran

    Yeah, i watched the in game demo last night and it look amazing!

    Wasn’t really hyping about the game until I saw the demo (Diablo 2 just didn’t do it for me).


  • kabraal

    Well tbh, D3 will be fan service. It’s what the fans want. Pretty much like SC2. I assume this Fallout dude is sorta annoyed that within 4 days of webpage splashes and hype, Diablo 3 just became the most anticipated action RPG to be had. PC game sales are flat, but the most dedicated fanboys out there are the blizzard fanboys, and there’s a shit load of them.

  • Goose ZA

    “Diablo 2 just didn’t do it for me”



  • Rudolph

    Blizzrd hit it spot on by keeping the gameplay exactly the same. We don’t need more games stuffing up the sequel by destroying everything the fans liked about the game just to “do something new”

  • scotty777

    lol, I reckon this game might just be the game that saves the pc :D, seriously, I mean, there’s a shit load of people that pirate blizzard games, but I reckon, with the number of fanboi’s out there, they all gonna fork out the cash to get this game. 😛

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