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Rumour: Jack Houston may just be our DOCTOR STRANGE

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BY THE HOARY EYE OF AGAMMOTO! We’ve yet to hear anything concrete about Marvel’s upcoming Doctor Strange movie other than Scott “Sinister” Derrickson being behind the camera. We do know that Marvel are frantically searching for their Sorcerer Supreme though, and according to the latest bit of rumour, they may just have found him in Jack Houston.

Through the last four seasons of HBO’s award winning Boardwalk Empire, we’ve seen lots of amazing characters come and go, but I’ve always only had one favourite: The half-faced, gravel-voiced, mass murderer with the heart of gold, Richard Harrow, brought to life so brilliantly by Houston. After [SEASON 4 SPOILER ALERT] the character tragically met his end last season, it freed up Houston’s schedule to start shopping around for some big time gigs, which he promptly did. His efforts actually saw him ending up on Marvel’s final shortlist to play none other than Guardians of Galaxy’s Peter Quill, but he lost out to Chris Pratt on that one.


But apparently Marvel were impressed enough by what they saw that they’ve kept him on speed dial, and according to the folks over at This Is Infamous, he’s currently one of the favourites to lead their magical movie. Now it should be noted that this is the very same site that reported – way before Marvel even had a director and script in place for the movie – that Jon Hamm was the frontrunner for the gig, a revelation that was apparently quite the surprise to Jon Hamm.

The other name that’s been making the rumour rounds recently was Joaquin Phoenix, but I was never convinced of that as this is exactly the type of movie he has avoided through out his career. Houston though, is absolutely perfect for the gig, as he ticks all of Marvel’s checkboxes: At 31 years old, he’s old enough to convincingly play the role, but young enough that he can still hang around for a number of years in the MCU; he’s proven his talent, but he’s not a household name which means they can pick him up relatively cheaply; and while he’s received quite a bit of praise, he is really still an up and comer who they can mold into a big superstar like they did with Chris Hemsworth, for example.

All of these factors, in my opinion, make the Boardwalk Empire actor the best candidate for the role that we’ve seen thus far from all the names that have been attached to it. Houston (who, by the way, is the nephew of brother and sister Anjelica Huston and Danny Huston) also bears a strong enough resemblance to a young Stephen Strange and has already shown us that dark side that the character will definitely need to tap into. And – don’t forget – we already know just how amazing he can be when playing characters that are a little… strange.


Last Updated: August 26, 2014

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  1. It is my sincere hope they give Dr. Strange a decent looking outfit and not that ‘blue leggings and renfair shirt + red cape’ look. I would actually argue he’d look best WITHOUT an ‘outfit’ — just give him a black double breasted suit + trenchcoat to wear with his Cloak of Levitation.


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