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SyFy to develop KRYPTON series for TV

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It seems like prequels are here to stay. We saw the rise of Superman in Smallville. We’re following the rise of Bruce Wayne and his rogues gallery in the silly but actually rather good Gotham. Now prepare for the rise of Superman, in Krypton!


Cast your mind back to Man Of Steel, and you have to admit that the opening sequence set on the planet of Krypton was a thrilling and bombastic locale to start a film off with. Flying dragons, alien technology and tight, figure-hugging clothing all merged to create a truly alien world. Well be prepared to explore more of that world, as the tale of Kal-El’s grandfather will form the basic plot of Krypton.Developed by Man Of Steel screenwriter David Goyer, Krypton is being developed through the SyFy channel and Warner Bros, who have recently remembered why people chose to visit that science fiction station all those years ago. The series is still in the early stages, but it’s being described as being in the same vein as Gotham. But hopefully without the heavy foreshadowing.

It’s a show that could have potential. It could also be risky as hell, but seeing more of the Krypton backstory is an idea that completely fascinates me.

Last Updated: December 9, 2014


  1. That makes one of us that’s interested in this. I’m normally quite happy to reserve judgement but this series just doesn’t awaken any interest in me.


    • Ragnar The Vengeful

      December 9, 2014 at 16:11

      All hail the alien overlord!


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