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All aboard the Sentinel Prime space-train!

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Sentinel Prime (1)

I seem to be on a Transformers roll today. The Transformers: Devastation game ain’t half-bad if you can wait for it to be on sale, but I’ve always been a bigger fan of the toys. Especially the toys that those damn kids can’t afford and should keep their sticky germ-ridden fingers off of.

And right now, I want to sell Sandy’s organs to get my hands on a Prime piece of Transformers merchandise.

Because it’s Sentinel Prime, get it? HA! Anyway, Sentinel Prime is one of the legends of the Transformers universe, as the Transformers wiki described him:

Sentinel Prime hails from an older time, when Cybertron was the galaxy’s crown jewel, and the Transformer race was full of promise and potential. The only known remaining Prime, he personified what a leader should be: wise, compassionate, and a more than worthy warrior.

Revered by both Autobot and Decepticon, few would dare stand against his shield and Primax Blade.

But when Sentinel was presumably lost forever on board the Ark, Optimus Prime, his hand-picked successor, was left to fill his void. The loss of Sentinel signaled the end of Cybertron’s golden age, and the planet spiraled deeper into war.

Some who recall Sentinel’s reign bitterly remember when Transformers were masters of their fate, rather than scattered to the stars and living as exiles. Above all, Sentinel Prime is a staunch nationalist. He loves his home planet with all of his Spark and will do anything —even go to extremes— to protect it.

Most of you will probably be more familiar with the Sentinel Prime that pitched up in Transformers 3: Holy crap people paid to see this. But let’s try and forget about that movie. Instead take a gander at the upcoming Sentinel Prime figure, a Voyager-class collectible that is part of the Titans Return range:

Sentinel Prime (1)

Sentinel Prime (2)

Sentinel Prime (3)

Sentinel Prime (4)

And not only does Sentinel Prime look like he’s about to annihilate my Go-Bots, but he can also morph into two vehicle forms: A Cybertronian space-ship and a massive space-train that looks like Thomas the Tank Engine on steroids. I freakin’ love it, and the IDW Transformers comics colour scheme sells it for me.

Sentinel Prime will also come with his own Headmaster transforming head: Infinitus, which can be attached to the full figure. There’s no pricing details yet, but expect Sentinel Prime here to fetch a high price on the market next year.

Last Updated: October 14, 2015

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