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Best comic book covers of the week – April 26 2020

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With a kill-score usually reserved for European war crimes, it’d be a really bad idea to let someone as dangerous as the Joker roam free in the world. That’s the idea behind Suicide Squad: Get Joker!, which as you’d imagine, sees the US government’s favourite gang of expendable metahumans tasked with tracking down the clown prince of crime.

Amanda Waller’s hit-squad will be going in full-cocked though, as Task Force X has an ace up its sleeve: Former boy wonder Jason Todd aka the Red Hood. “When Task Force X’s Amanda Waller sets her sights on Batman’s greatest foe, she enlists the Dark Knight’s former partner Jason Todd to track down the Clown Prince of Crime and put an end to his mad reign of terror!” reads DC’s description of Suicide Squad: Get Joker!.

Here’s a quick preview of the series, which is written by Brian Azzerello and drawn by Alex Maleev. And in case you’re wondering, this series plans to make good use of DC’s Black Label to deliver a bloody hunt.

Suicide Squad: Get Joker! #1 (of 3) hits shelves on August 3. Until then, here’s a collection of the best comic book covers of the week to feast your eyes on!

Best comic book covers of the week credits:

  • Alien #1 by Patrick Gleason
  • Beta Ray Bill #2 by Daniel Warren Johnson
  • Black Widow #6 by Rahzzah
  • Miles Morales: Spider-Man #25 by Taurin Clarke
  • New Mutants #17 by Christian Ward
  • Silk #2 by Rose Besch
  • The Marvels #1 by Gabriele Del’Otto
  • Helm Greycastle #1 by Tony Parker
  • Outcast #48 by Paul Azaceta and Elizabeth Breitweiser
  • The Department Of Truth #8 by Martin Simmonds
  • Vampirella Vs. Purgatori #2 by Szymon Kudranski
  • Abbott: 1973 #4 by Raul Allen
  • Dune: House Atreides #6 by Evan Cagle
  • Once & Future #18 by Dan Mora
  • Action Comics #1030 by Mikel Janin
  • Batman / Superman #17 by Rodolfo Migliari
  • Batman: Black & White #5 by Gary Frank
  • Detective Comics #1035 by Lee Bermejo
  • Harley Quinn #2 by Derrick Chew
  • Robin #1 by Andy Kubert
  • My Little Pony / The Transformers II #1 by Tony Fleecs
  • Sea Of Sorrows #5 by Alex Cormack
  • Miranda In The Maelstrom #5 by Tintin Pantoja
  • Cold Dead Hands by Christopher Williams
  • The Eighth Immortal #4 by Tiffany Turrill
  • The Plot Vol. 2 by Tim Daniel
  • Witchblood #2 by Lisa Sterle
  • Dragon Age: Dark Fortress #2 by Sachin Teng
  • I Breathed A Body #4 by Andy MacDonald

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