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Big trouble in Little China and Escape from New York are crossing over

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Kurt Russell. John Carpenter. An actor and director team that go together like Smith and Wesson on revolvers or Tim Burton and Johnny Depp as some weird gothic person under several cement trucks worth of make-up. Kurt Russell is the reason why every time you’ve donned an eye-patch, you’ve told the nurse at the ER to call you Snake. Cinematic collaborations between Carpenter and Russell have resulted in a few movie gems, but there’s a reason why Big Trouble In Little China and Escape From New York are such treasured movies and top of the Carpenter/Russell must-watch list.

Big Trouble (1)

Movies which star two wildly different characters caught up in all manner of craziness. And now those two universes are about to cross paths. Jack Burton and Snake Olissken will be teaming up in a new six part crossover series to deal with Duke and Lo Pan when Burton finds himself time-travelling from 1986 to the far-off future year of 1997 and the dystopian super-prison of Manhattan for reasons says EW.

Boom! Studios will publish the mini-series, which will be written by Greg Pak and drawn by artist Daniel Bayliss. And that’s an excellent pairing right there in terms of the creative side of this project. Pak made a name for himself years back when he was handed the Incredible Hulk comic to script while at Marvel, resulting in the epic Planet Hulk storyline and its follow-up World War Hulk.

Big Trouble (2)

2016 also marks the 30th anniversary of Big Trouble in Little China, a movie which I have somehow still not managed to see at all. And yet I’ve managed to watch Escape from LA several times, because I am clearly a terrible, terrible person who can’t get enough of watching Kurt Russell surf while wearing a rubber tank top. Which would also explain why Geoff hates me more than usual lately, as that movie is the gospel to him.

Last Updated: July 12, 2016

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